In a world where markets are changing at a breath-taking speed and technologies changing even more rapidly, the incentives to automate operations for more efficiency and effectiveness have never been greater. In fact, automation is no longer an option but a critical necessity. Automation not only helps 21st century business stay a step ahead of today’s  rapidly changing technology and trends, but helps them “do more with less”, And of course, do it quicker and do it right!
Helping future-focused organization discover the power of automation is Micrologic. Established in 2002 has its headquarters in Bangalore, India.
Understanding its customers’ need for speed, precision and flexibility, Micrologic designs, develops, manufactures, validates and delivers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions in manufacturing automation and automated test engineering that are typically computer based, making the process accurate and error free. Besides being flexible, scalable, reusable, modular and portable, Micrologic’s Solutions add analytical capability to the process and enhance its reliability. The advent of Industrial Robots & Machine Vision Technologies which Micrologic has embraced over the years has helped to provide flexible and quick solutions where normally conventional automation has constraints.
Micrologic Solution and service offerings have been designed to help business respond to the challenges and opportunities of a global economy, and do it in much shorter timescales and with greater efficiency.

The company is focused on providing Automation in Testing and Manufacturing, through Design, System Engineering. Constantly adding to its expertise and upgrading it technologies.

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