With the Machine Vision Systems we provide solutions for automatic inspection, process control and robot guidance.

Applications for machine vision systems are like :
  • Automatic PCB inspection
  • Final inspection of sub-assemblies
  • Engine part inspection
  • Label inspection on products
  • Checking medical devices for defects
  • Robot guidance and checking orientation of components
  • Packaging Inspection
  • Dimension Measurement of engineered components
  • Barcodes Reading (1D& 2D)
  • Measuring of Spark Plugs
  • Surface Inspection
  • Inspection of Punched Sheets
  • Track and Trace

The outcome of machine vision systems is pass/fail decisions. These decisions may in turn trigger mechanisms that reject failed items or sound an alarm or object position and orientation information from robot guidance systems. And these results are stored in a production environment for a part traceability, process improvements and so on.

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