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An Industrial Robot is an Automatically Controlled, Reprogrammable, and Multi-purpose Manipulator Programmable in three or more axes.

• Robot Pointer Fixing
• Robot Screw Driving
• Robot Selective Soldering
• Auto Dispensing by Robot
• Robot Pick & Place
• Real Time Force Monitoring by Robot
• Vision Guided Robot

Rotary Dial Indexer
Vision System
Leak Testing
Functional Testing
Part Marking

• Typical Traceability Objectives
• Engine Components
• Fuel Injectors
• Transmission Component
• Safety Components
• Automotive Electronics
• Final Assembly

Part Feeding Technology
Data acquisition
Automated Test Systems

Why Automated Test System ?
•Increased testing throughput
•Reduced costs in time and labour
•Elimination of operator error
•Improved operator safety
•Improved accuracy, consistency and quality
•High repeatability of test results

Lean Manufacturing Assembly Lines

Pallet Systems Specialized to incorporate:
• Poka-yoke assembly cells
• Traceability Systems
• SOP Displays
• Vision inspection Systems
• Pick and place Mechanisms
• Leak Test Systems
• Press Monitor Systems
• Automatic Rejection Handling

Electrical Testing

• Current Measurement
• HIPOT Test
• Functional Circuit Tester (FCT)
• Endurance Testing
• Trip Test
• Flash Programming

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