Achieve Zero Defect Quality in Manufacturing with Smart Machines

Eliminate Human Errors in the Manufacturing Process

Enhanced Efficiency, Quality & Productivity

Robotic Solutions

“Solutions for an Automated World, Convergence towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0”

Product Assembly, Inspection, Testing & Packaging, Micrologic offers extensive range of
technology and expertise to deliver automated solutions for the manufacturing Industry.

“Flexible, Scalable, Modular Lean Manufacturing Lines”

The “LEAN Mate” Assembly lines of Micrologic are in compliance with the Lean philosophy which is widely accepted in the industry.

Each of the cells in the “LEAN Mate” Lines are “SMART MACHINES”

LEAN Mate Highlights

Digital SOP( Animation), FAQ
Machine Status, TAKT
In-Process capability (Cp, Cpk)
Productivity Data
Preventive Maintenance Alerts
Integrated Health Management
Smart SMED


Automotive & Auto Components

Electrical & Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Medical Devices

Food & Pharma



Robot for applications for machine tending, Automated screw driving, Pick & place can be integrated with existing machines

Test Solutions for Electronics Manufacturing Automated Test Equipment (ATEs)

High intensity LED Illuminators, and high performance Pulse / Strobe Controllers for LED Lighting – providing unique solutions to the Machine Vision Systems

IIOT with Redlion Data Station which are Integrated with the Manufacturing Lines for Productivity data & Analytics.



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