Automated Screw Driving

  • Assisted-Screw Driving with Auto Screw Feeder

Operator assisted screw driving has enabled with an electric screwdriver with the fixed torque, which has a count feedback for the system to know a number of screws. this is seamlessly integrated with software for enabling or disabling with screw fixing and no reverse can be disabled.

• Feeder for screws/bolts
• Screwdriver with torque and height feedback
• Robot can position for any number of screws at any position, with this we can have multiple variants
• Multiple Variants
• Multiple Screws Feeders
• Screw feeding to the screwdriver Tip
• Configurable Torque
• Screw Height determined
• Can be integrated with Conveyor System

  • Multi Spindle Screw Driving
“Multispindle screw driving dedicated one product with fixed positions of screws, this is suitable only for one particular variant. The advantage of this system is the cycle time is made optimum. All screws can be fixed at the same time.”

Feed Liner-Automated Screw Feeders

Different type of Screws/Bolts which can accommodate in automated screw driving and screw feeding system

Configure your Automated Screw Driving system with Auto Feeder by filling following details

Automated End of Line Testers

The End of Line tester which are made standard for testing a product from PCBA or a completely Assembled part. This tester runs with a standard FASTEST Application Suite which is flexible for configuring the necessary tests. This can perform hundreds of tests which can be configured easily by the user. A user can alter the sequence of execution, set limits can configure vision parameters, measurements, communication of peripheral devices. These systems also have standard DMC scanners and Printer for part traceability. The test report of each part is logged and made available for Cp, Cpl & Gauge R&R Study.

As a standard system this also can have additional features like;
• Changeover Fixture for different Variants
• Automated Fixture Identification
• Auto Alignment for Vision Inspection Parameters
• This can read/write the data in EEPROM by communicating to product with RS232, RS485, CAN, LIN Protocol