Automated Assembly

For assembly of electronic parts, sophisticated automotive products, medical devices or any parts that require fully automated or people assisted automated assembly equipment and lines, Micrologic relies on Lean compliant solutions based on proven platforms. They ensure highly precise assembly of such products as Electronic assemblies, engine components, brake components, airbag, Instrument clusters, Infotainment devices, etc..

Our portfolio ranges from semi-automatic machines for low volume batches to fully automatic systems for high-volume production. A broad spectrum of feeding and handling systems, in addition to modules for conveying and tooling, labeling and packaging, round off the perfectly coordinated system solutions.

Sophisticated modular platforms for custom specific requirements
Semi-automatic (people assisted) to fully automated systems
Scalable processes from manual assembly to high volume series production
Project processing and validation oriented in accordance with standards
Extensive inspections relating to product safety and functionality
Complete lines for assembly, inspection, testing & product packaging

Automated Inspection

With the increasing demands of consumers, from a quality and quantity perspective, the use of automated inspection, also known as machine vision, is now one of the key technology areas in the manufacturing industry. Traditionally a manufacturing process has a human element at the inspection stage where products are being visually inspected. This often involves handling the product and so due to manufacturing speeds can mean that the inspection is a sub-set of the entire production run. However, today’s markets demand higher production throughput with guaranteed quality and so this is where the importance of automated inspection is realized.

With the use of industrial cameras, illumination and optics a high-quality image of the product can be captured. This can be from a few images a second to hundred’s of images per second depending on the demands of the manufacturing process. Once the image has been captured it is processed to include tasks such as product identification, surface/finish inspection, measurement/dimension inspection, presence/absence checks, bar-code reading, character recognition and so on. Micrologic has solutions in the emerging area of vision that deals with 3D data analysis which is critical for processes that require robotic control such as pick and place. Combining the latest techniques Micrologic provides solutions that realize systems which not only inspect the product but also handle the product, which is based on industrial cameras for grabbing images and robust image processing software for the inspection. It is essential for manufacturing processes to automate to remain competitive and to cope with the demands of the worldwide consumer base. For these reasons alone, automated inspection is a key technology now and into the future.

Micrologic Vision Inspection System Portfolio

Integration of a wide range of camera technology
isight Suite, comprehensive vision software
Full technical support with remote diagnosis capability.
Pre-sales feasibility studies.

Micrologic offers as a part of the total solution, the design, and manufacture of handling systems which include vision systems, pick & place units combined with feeders such as vibratory bowl feeders, step feeding systems etc… Vision systems check the dimensions of the components, count, check for surface defect and guide robots or conventional pneumatic, electric systems to package the inspected products. From a simple intelligent sensor to sophisticated vision systems with multiple cameras and software, Micrologic can offer a customized package to suit your quality requirements.

Micrologic has the experience of inspecting components down to 0.05mm, and has supplied vision systems to inspect for surface defects, sort components into batches for color and size and also for orientation purposes where a mechanical solution is not suitable.

Assembly Integrity
Presence Verification
Pattern Verification
LCD Testing
Color Recognition
ID Reading
Dimensional Measurement
Gauging & Dimensional Measurement
Barcode, Print Verification
Character & Pattern check
Robot Guidance

Automated Testing

In the past, testing of Electronic subassemblies has been a separate function from the manufacturing process. However, due to increased productivity demands, personnel limitations and Quality issues, it is now an accepted fact that ATE can be integrated into an automated electronic assembly line. Reduced operator intervention, automation of quality data logging, and improved productivity are all well understood. Micrologic offers a complete range of ATE solutions from a simple bench top test system to a fully automated inline test handler. The solutions are SMEMA compliant.

The ATE solutions are flexible, modular and reusable, this brings down the customer’s Total cost of ownership (TCO).

Micrologic solutions range from offline test systems for PCBs for simple applications like Flash programming to testing PCBA with several thousand test points.

• ISP (Software Downloading)
• BS (Boundary Scan)
• HiPOT (High Voltage Test)
• LED Test
• FCT (Functional Test)
• Currents beyond 10A
• Frequencies from baseband to RF
• Communication buses like LAN, CAN, LIN

 Final product testers also called as End of Line (EOL) testers employ architecture where the end-use conditions are simulated in the tester.

ATEs Features

Minimum Integration Time
Simple Test System
Long Term Reliability
Easy Maintenance
Plug and Play
Easy , Fast and Accurate system validation and fault finding
Risk Reduction

Bed of Nail Fixtures
Changeover Fixture with Fixture identification
Can accommodate different product type
Linked with backend SMT lines
Traceability with DMC reading

ATEs can perform

• ISP (Software Downloading)
• BS (Boundary Scan)
• HiPOT (High Voltage Test)
• LED Test
• FCT (Functional Test)
• Currents beyond 10A
• Frequencies from baseband to RF
• Communication buses like LAN, CAN, LIN
• Radio electric emission or reception
• Optical Fiber
• Colorimeter for Color Identification for LEDs
• Test of Electro Mechanic Components
• Various supply voltages or loads
• Complete Test of all Parameters
• Flexible to accommodate Multiple Variants
• High-Speed Data Acquisition with higher resolution accuracy
• Data Logging of all Parameters and Reported in MS-Excel, HTML, CSV etc…
• Calibration
• All Parameters Automatically Tested & Verified
• No Operator Intervention

Automated Packaging

Solutions for Packaging

The product manufactured in the assembly process are tested for the quality, if not handled properly, may induce defects to the final product. At Micrologic we can deliver complete end to end manufacturing solution from assembly to packaging and handling. The packaging task is the most repetitive and fatigue job in the manufacturing process like Sorting, Pick and Place, Stacking. Having Robot for this particular activity is most beneficial than handled by a human. These robots can be flexible to handle more different variants and batch volumes.


Pick & Place
Carton Packaging
Part Tractability
Track & Trace
Weighing & Counting